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Tooth Jewellery

What is Tooth Jewellery?

Tooth Jewellery application is a cosmetic dental procedure, in which a sparkling stone, gem, twinkle is attached to the tooth surface. This enhances ones smile by adding sparkle to it. Usually it’s done on the tooth which is more prominent in one’s smileline like a canine. It is a non-invasive esthetic procedure, where there is no need to drill the tooth surface.

What is the procedure used in Teeth Jewellery?

The simple and quick procedure to attach jewels gets over in less than ten minutes. A strong adhesive dental material is used to fix these stones to the tooth. Your dentist will discuss the whole procedure of dental jewellery with you in detail and also help you select the kind of stone. First your teeth will have to be cleaned thoroughly before fixing the jewel to the tooth. In case you have any dental health problems, you are advised to get the issue fixed before getting dental jewellery.

Will the Tooth Jewellery damage teeth?

Having tooth diamonds attached to the teeth should not damage the tooth structure as long as it is fitted properly. Since it’s a no drill procedure no adverse effects are expected.


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