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Scaling & Polishing

What is Scaling and Polishing?

Scaling and polishing is the most common dental procedure intended for oral prophylaxis (or prevention of dental diseases).Scaling is a dental process that involves removing the calculus, deposits or stains on the teeth. Whereas Polishing is the process of smoothening the teeth post scaling.

Although scaling is performed on the teeth, it can also be applied to the roots particularly in cases when periodontal pockets have already formed due to bacterial invasion in the gums. This process of deep cleaning is known as root planing.

Who should undergo Scaling and Polishing?

People of varying ages should consider undergoing scaling and polishing to achieve optimum oral health. Once the damage starts setting in, a more complex dental procedure may be needed in future.

A person who is suffering from bad breath may require thorough deep cleaning. Bacteria releases certain substances due to their metabolic function and in turn cause bad breath. Sometimes bad breath or halitosis is a sign of underlying gum disease; which in most cases can be corrected by gum treatment.

Depending on the severity of the stains and the position of the teeth, the procedure may take one or a few thorough cleaning sessions before the expected results can be achieved. There may be some minor discomfort and it may take at least an hour to complete the procedure. Although use of modern ultrasonic instrument has made scaling experience comparitively comfortable.


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