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Mole Removal

What Causes Moles?

Moles are the result of clustering melanocytes, or skin cells that produce melanin. Melanin is the colour pigmentation that while usually distributed evenly throughout the body sometimes groups together to form moles.

Why is Mole Removal Beneficial?

Mole removal is sometimes a path to increase self-confidence, as moles can make a person feel self-conscious depending on their location.

How Are Moles Removed?

Because moles extend down past the epidermis, simple shaving or burning won’t remove them fully. Complete excision is therefore the optimal way to ensure total removal of the mole. Failing to fully remove a mole generally results in regrowth.

How Can I Tell If a Mole is Cancerous?

Most moles feature a uniform colour and symmetrical shape. They do not change appearance as time passes. Moles that have noticeably changed in appearance or feature any of the aforementioned issues are potentially cancerous and must be checked for removal as soon as possible.


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