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5 reasons why a regular dental checkup is worth it

You’re probably avoiding regular dental checkups for 3 reasons- money, time and fear. But did you know that you could save a lot more in the long term by shelling out a thousand rupees today? 

Studies estimate that oral diseases affect around 3.58 billion people. And dental cavities in permanent teeth? They are the most prevalent condition. 

Periodontal diseases (that affect the surrounding structures of teeth) are also notoriously prevalent, affecting and compromising your quality of life.

The earlier such problems are detected, the better it is for your health. 

Here’s why a regular dental checkup should be a part of your life:


If you have a tiny cavity that could damage your tooth further, the dentist might start you on fluoride treatment or restore the cavity with a dental filling. Early treatment of caries can save your tooth’s life. You may or may not need an X-ray, depending on how much your tooth is decayed. What’s more, your dentist can identify any abscess or cysts that could be a hindrance to your normal oral health.


Calculus is hard and mineralised, and is famous for sticking to your teeth in such a way that normal brushing or flossing is not enough. Stains and calculus make your teeth look shabby, and might also cause gum problems. Since these deposits cannot be cleaned at home, getting your teeth cleaned and polished twice a year at your dentist’s is an excellent bet. 


Your dentist will check your oral cavity for any abnormal lumps, patches or other symptoms. Detection of cancer at an early stage can be very effective. The longer it stays, the worse it gets. Your dentist to look for potential signs and lesions of the oral mucosa.Moreover, a general examination will make you aware of any other systemic infection that can progress to worse case scenarios. 


Having healthy gums is vital for your teeth to sustain. You should notify your dentist if you see signs such as soreness and bleeding gums. If treated early, it can prevent periodontal diseases, and even save you from losing teeth!

FOSTER PREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE:  If you frequently consume tobacco, alcohol or have a diet excessively rich in sugars, you might be more prone to dental problems. You can take your first step to maintain a healthy mouth today by asking your dentist for preventive measures.


Let’s say you have a small cavity right now. 

You leave it untreated, and bacteria eat up into your hard tissues. It hurts, but you’re not ready to go to the dentist yet. 

What’s next? The bacteria dig deeper, finally irritating the nerves of the tooth.

Now you’ve got yourself a root canal treatment recommended.

But it’s been a month and your boss won’t give you a leave. You forget about it.

Now we have a highly inflamed pulp infection that solicits an extraction. You still need to eat and function normally, so now we’re getting implants worth thousands.

While this is not the usual norm, imagine the pain you could have saved yourself if you just went to the dentist for a regular checkup earlier. 


  • How much does a dental check up cost?

The cost of a regular dental checkup is definitely less than the cost of negligence. 

If you have a small cavity right now and don’t get it fixed right away, the chances of it progressing to worse-case scenarios are rather high. We’ve reiterated that enough by now, haven’t we?

  • Do you need to see a dentist every 6 months?

A 100% yes. 

If you’re someone who is prone to dental problems, we’d recommend visiting the dentist every 3 months.

  • What does a dentist do at a dental checkup?

When you go for a regular dental checkup, your mouth is examined with the help of an instrument called a mouth mirror. 

The dentist will check for any visible lesions, stains or tartar formation.

In order to check if your gums are healthy, he might use a dental probe. 

Depending on your tooth status, he may also suggest an Xray.

Your treatment plan is devised accordingly.

  • When should you schedule your first dental appointment?

Don’t wait for your tooth to ache. Most dental problems can be prevented, and you might have a great chance of saving money and maintaining good oral health if you get regular checkups. Visit your dentist every 3-6 months to prevent potential problems. 

  • How long does a dental check up take?

On an average, it takes only 5-20 minutes for a quick checkup. But the time may vary according to your needs. 

  • Checkup and cleaning with braces

If you have braces, you might be annoyed with the care routine. Getting them cleaned by a professional is always a good option. 

  • What should you do between two dental visits?

Visiting the dentist is not the only key in maintaining good oral health. Limited use of alcohol, tobacco and high sugar diets, along with proper brushing and flossing ensures complete oral hygiene.

  • What will the dentist ask me on the first dental visit?

The dentist might ask you about your past medical history, and if you’re on any medications or not (diabetes, hypertension, etc)

He might also want to know your past dental history and oral hygiene practices. Remember, being honest with your dentist is crucial for planning a proper treatment plan. Be it alcohol use, tobacco consumption or fear of injections- let your dentist know everything on the first visit itself.

  • How to pass a dental checkup?

It’s not an exam.  No dentist will ever judge you for the condition of your teeth. As professionals, it is our duty to advise the best treatment plan and ensure that you have preventive care, all at the right time! 

History has it that “later” is never a good option in healthcare. Complex dental procedures like getting an implant or getting your tooth pulled out can be avoidable if treated at an early stage. 

So when was the last time you visited a dentist? 

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