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Implant supported complete dentures

What is implant supported complete denture?

An implant supported complete denture is a type of overdenture that is supported by implants. It is given in individuals who have no teeth in the jaw but have enough bone to support implants. You can get an implant-supported denture in either the upper or lower jaw.Your dentist will consider certain requirements and choices when recommending fixed or detachable alternatives.Perhaps the most essential consideration is that implants will significantly lower the damaging resorptive bone-loss process– by about 75 percent less in the locations the implants are placed as compared with making use of dentures without implant treatment.

What is all on four dentures?

All-on-Four is a way to replace all of missing teeth in a single arch using four dental implants. An arch simply means all of the teeth in one jaw. This type of implant supported dentures are mostly done in upper jaw, where four implants are placed in the jawbone and an overdenture is fixed on these implants. These are usually fixed prosthesis and only the dentist can remove them and re-fix after proper cleaning, preferably once every year.

When to Have Implant Supported Dentures?

Normally, if an individual is healthy enough to go through a tooth extraction, then they are likewise a prospect for the implant supported dentures treatment. The entire surgical phase can frequently be completed in one go, although cautious evaluation and pre-planning are required pre-requisites. Implant supported denture is particularly beneficial for a disappointed denture patient struggling with discomfort and absence of retention, like of their lower denture. Research has shown that neither increasing age nor osteoporosis is a barrier to successful healing or combination of implants.

Because the conservation of bone structure is a major cornerstone of modern-day dentistry, the prevention of additional bone loss is a key element in the success of implant supported treatment. Likewise, since the majority of the bone loss happens within the first year after missing teeth, it is most ideal if implants are positioned during the very first year after missing teeth instead of waiting until later. Therefore, the utilization of implants to preserve bone is in itself an adequate reasoning to recommend this treatment.


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