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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth rehabilitation is a dental treatment option considered when multiple teeth have been missing or decaying for a long span of time, thus giving rise to multiple oral health problems. These patients may have difficulty to eat and speak along with aesthetic concerns. In such scenario treatment of single tooth may not as beneficial and treatment of entire dentition needs to be planned and executed. That is full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction; where major goal is to restore bite and ensure that the TMJ function’s in harmony.

What is included in Full mouth rehabilitation?

Almost all dental procedures come under this category. Although each Full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan is custom made for the patient’s particular oral health condition and no two treatment plans will be same. The reconstructive work may include,

  • Replacement of missing teeth by Crowns and bridges, Dentures or Dental implants
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental Fillings
  • Jaw/bite correction (using occlusal deprogrammers, elastics)
  • TMJ disorder correction (by restoring healthy occlusion)
  • Habit prevention or correction (Ex. Bruxism treated using night guard)
  • Cosmetic restoration and correction
  • Periodontal intervention (Gum health and surgeries)

When considering Full mouth rehabilitation, it is mandatory to have proper Diagnosis and Treatment planning with the long-term results in mind.


What are the advantages of Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

There are multiple benefits when all your missing teeth are replaced and damaged ones are treated properly,

  • It Restores function and strength of biting. Thus, improves mastication (Chewing) ability
  • Speech improvement
  • Better smile & aesthetic boosts confidence
  • Retains healthy jawbone and tissues
  • Timely intervention saves long term costs on dental treatments
  • Patient comfort and less dental visits as multiple treatments undertaken together in single appointment.



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